Collectible Trading Cards Facilitated by Nextgen Blockchain Technology

BEM Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency used to trade cards on the web platform is BEM tokens. Prior to this utility, these tokens will be sold to fund the development of the web platform. Users holding BEM tokens at the time that the trading card smart contract is in instantiated on the Ethereum blockchain will be rewarded with some of the first 10,000 trading cards (1 free trading card for every 2,000 BEM held).

Non-fungible Trading Card Web Platform

Bitcoin Empire will develop an open trading card web platform for users at all levels of technical expertise, which will make blockchain technology accessible to everyone, breaking down the barriers to entry while providing a fun and engaging game. This web platform will use the brand new non-fungible token system introduced by Dieter Shirley in late 2017 and will run a revenue-based trading system rather than a bitcoin-like cryptocurrency.

Community Driven

The web platform will continue to evolve once it has been released to the community. There is scope to develop various voting systems in which users can vote for which trading cards they like, or which future developments they would like to see on the platform. Ideas include lotteries, reward systems, giveaways and special cards that relate to Bitcoin news stories.

The Web Platform

Building on the invention of Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer electronic cash system by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Beautifully designed front end web platform using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery connected to the Ethereum smart contract via MetaMask.

Taking crypto technology to the next level with the use of Ethereum smart contracts.

Responsive, cross-platform design using Twitter Bootstrap.

Working within the limitations of screen, print and mobile design specifications.

Utilizing open source technologies to deliver a robust and transparent system.

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CEO David Thomas

David Thomas, software engineer, graphic designer and web developer, created the game. He is an early cryptocurrency investor who traded his life working at some of the biggest digital agencies in Europe to follow his passions of board games and bitcoin, the currency of the future.

David has a diverse skill set. Having contracted at over 15 companies around the world in roles ranging from music website editor to database developer, he has the skills necessary to make Bitcoin Empire a huge success.

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CTO Chris Kuznetsov

Chris has 15 years of experience in software development and systems engineering. He has deep technical competence in design, implementation, rollout and support of enterprise-level, distributed systems.

Over 7 years of experience architecting computing platforms built on industry-standard best practices and best-of-breed components and tools.

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CMO Mia Liu

Mia has over 10 years marketing experience in fashion, arts and entertainment. She has strong communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences. She is the CEO and founder of Mia-Mia talent agency and an advisor for CoraSwim and Mint Model Agency. She is also a crypto investor.

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COO Chris Lenaghan

Chris is an experienced project manager and team leader with a background in both creative and technical fields. He's worked in web and print based design, computer games, video production, marketing and usability research as well as technical and training roles at Microsoft for their cloud based platform.

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Consultant - Maximilian Mai

Max is the co-founder and COO of Blockwise, an ICO consulting company offering tailored solutions to blockchain start-ups reaching from seed fundraising over marketing and community building to crowdsale conduction and eventual exchange listing. Fluent in mandarin Chinese and having lived in China for several years, Max has strong intercultural skills and a network of business contacts and partners. Max has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2016 and has since participated in numerous ICOs as an investor and adviser.

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Adviser - Louise Elizabeth

Louise is an experienced investor in property and crypto-currency. Her Youtube channel Crypto Lou has acquired nearly half a million views in less than six months. With a mission to help and educate others about cryptocurrency, Louise has a lot of knowledge since she first invested in Bitcoin back in 2013.