A bitcoin address is derived from a private key which is derived from nothing more than a 256-bit number. Your private key is less likely to be discovered (and your bitcoins stolen) if the number has been generated at random. Computers are by design, notoriously bad at creating true random numbers.

Therefore, we have built a random number generator into this card game that you can use to generate your own bitcoin address and store real bitcoins.

Shuffle the deck really well. This is really important. Some cards may be upside-down this will help randomise the number. Spread the cards out face-down on a table, use your hands to mix them up and put the deck back together again to make the order of the cards as random as possible. Fan the cards out so that they display the 42 characters printed in the bottom left corner of each card. This string of 42 characters form a Base58 encoded number that can be used to create a bitcoin address.

Visit bitcoin-empire.io, find Bitcoin Address Generator, follow the instructions and the website will convert your 42 characters into a bitcoin address and private key. For added security, disconnect from the internet before entering the characters.

I have open sourced this generation process on Github. So you can scrutinise the code, download the repository and run it on your local machine.



Bitcoin Empire's address generator is of course offered without any warranty of any kind; if you lose your bitcoins due to a bug in our software, your keystrokes being recorded on a malware-infested XP rig from 2003, a weak passphrase, or even a typo, we are sorry in the most respectful way, but we cannot help you. Of course if you're messing around with bitcoins, you know how dangerous it is.

Too Much Information

The number of different bitcoin addresses that you can generate by shuffling this deck of cards is very large.



To put this into perspective; a computer trying one trillion times per second would take about 2,990 trillion trillion trillion years to find the same address as you.